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The Paperback Writer
An Untitled Fan Fiction-Chapter 1

Any suggestions for a title would be greatly appreciated and taken into consideration. Perhaps even made into a poll. :)

Double checking my luggage to make sure that I had tags on all of it, I headed into the airport. This would be my second time flying, the first being for my senior trip to Florida in '02. But this would be my first time flying overseas. I was flying out of Rochester to Kennedy, in the City, where I would have a short layover before flying into Heathrow. I was finally going to England!
A little info about me. My name is Sienna Fitzpatrick, and I'm 20 years old. I'm a junior at Elmira College in Western New York, and I'm traveling to England for my Junior Year Abroad in London. I've been looking forward to this for a long time, ever since I discovered that many colleges have study abroad programs during my college search that I began in my junior year in high school. Also, I'm an art and english major, with a spanish and music minor. Music and art are my life, I couldn't live without them; they've helped me through so many things. One band in particular is especially important to me, the Beatles. I'm what you might call a modern day hippie, and many of my friends and family swear that I'm a hippie from the 60s reincarnated. I don't argue, and I certainly look the part, right down to my hand-made bell-bottoms and beringed hands. Ringa isn't my nickname for nothing you know.
Anywho, back to what's happening now. I loaded my luggage onto the baggage cart, checked my ticket, and picked up my carry-on. I then turned to say goodby to my family.
"G'by Mum. I'll call when I get into Kennedy," I said, hugging my mother.
"Bye Dad, I love you, " I said, also hugging my dad.
"Be careful hun. Just because they speak english, doesn't mean their culture's the same. And don't forget that it's not the sixties anymore; times've changed," he said, returning my hug.
"Just be careful and take care of yourself Sienna," my mother said.
"I will, I promise," I said as I turned to my brother. "Hey, you be good for mum an' dad, y'hear?"
"Yeah, I will. Write me?" he asked.
"Of course, as often as I can," I said, shaking hands with him.
Just then, the announcement for my flight came over the PA system. Looking at my family, I smiled and said, "Well, that's my exit cue. Later!"
And I headed for my flight's gate before my parents could pour any more needless advice on me. I waved back at them and flashed a peace sign just before I disappeared from sight.

* * *

I stored my bag in the overhead, and settled into my seat with my cd player and book for the hour long flight. I briefly looked out the window at New York speeding rapidly by as we headed for our destination. Turing back, I observed that the plane was about half full. I shrugged, took off my glasses, and put them on top of my head; essentially blinding myself. Popping my Abbey Road album into my player, I relaxed into my book.

* * *

About 45 minutes later, the seat belts light came on, announcing that we were nearing Kennedy Airport. I rapidly and effeciently packed up my book and cd player, after putting my glasses back on of course. I sat back down and put on my seat belt, releaved that the first leg of my journey was almost over. Looking out the window in facination, I watched as we neared the runway and smoothly landed. Once the seat belts light went off, I got up, grabbed my carry-ons, and headed for the exit.
Once I was off the plane, I headed over to the board with the flight schedules on it to check how long of a layover I had. An hour and a half; plenty of time to check my other luggage, call my parents, and grab a bite to eat, in that order.
Seeing that all my luggage had made it this far in one piece, I went to a payphone to let my parents know I had made it to Kennedy in one piece. My mother was surprised at how short my flight had been, even though my father had told her it would onlly be about an hour long. They were releaved that I had made it this far unscathed, and wished me luck before I rang off. I glanced at my watch and saw that I had 20 more minutes to wait. I decided to get a cup of green tea and a churro.