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The Paperback Writer
30 November, 2001


Tomorrow Never Knows
Tomorrow Never Knows-Chapter 1
Tomorrow Never Knows-Chapter 2
Tomorrow Never Knows-Chapter 3
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Smiling Outside, Inside Blue
An Untitled Fan Fiction-Chapter 1
An Untitled Fan Fiction-Chapter 2
An Untitled Fan Fic-Chapter 3
An Untitled Fan Fic-Chapter 4
30 November, 2001
Feelin' Blue

A short story I wrote for my Creative Writing class.

'I take a walk, the sun is shining down, burns my feet as they touch the ground,' Jamie sang to herself, humming softly. She was on her way to the park to enjoy the sunshine, perfectly fitted by the song Good Day Sunshine by her favourite band, the Beatles. 'Where is he?' Jamie silently worried. Just then she saw a handsome dark-haired man sitting on a bench. 'Our bench,' she thought.

"'ello Jamie, what took ya so long?" he inquired.

"Sorry John, mum made me tidy up me room," she said.

"Oh, ok. So howre ya today luv?"

"I'm great today. Its so beautiful out, I love the sun," Jamie smiled happily.

"Aye, 'tis beautiful out. So what didja have in mind today?" John asked.

"Um, I don't really know. I just wanna enjoy today. Whatevers great so long's its together."

"Ah, I see ya forgot yer guitar, so I guess thats a no go. How 'bout we just take a walk, enjoy the sights?" John suggested, standing up.

"That sounds great! Let's go!" Jamie exclaimed, taking John's arm.

Jamie and John spent the day just walking around, talking, and just generally enjoying themselves. It was fairly late when Jamie finally came home, well after dark. Her mother scolded her, and then told her to just go up to bed.


"Oh I hate school! Nobody ever understands me," Jamie said sadly. Tears slowly trickled down her cheeks.

"What's smatter luv? Bad day at school?" he asked.

"The worst George. Everybody there hates me. My teachers, classmates, even my so-called friends!" Jamie said with frustration.

"Oh Jamie, luv, dont cry. Y'know I care about ya, an' so does John," George told Jamie, taking her hand.

"I know you do George, but that doesn't help me at school any. Even my parents are startin' to act funny."

"Funny how so?" he asked.

"I dont know, they've just been givin' me weird looks whenever you or John visit," Jamie answered, confused.

"Hmm, I cant imagine why luv."

"Sometimes I just feel so alone George. Like theres nobody who gets me, not even myself some days."

"It's ok Jame, we all feel that way sometimes," George said, putting his arm around her shoulders.

"But as often as I do? You have your religion to guide you, what do I have?"

"You've just got to find what really moves you, find your center," George told her.

"Thanks for bein here for me George, I really appreciate it," Jamie said, hugging him.

"No problem, ya know John an' I'll be 'ere whene'er ya need us," he said, hugging her back.


"John?! George?! Where are you?!" Jamie called.

She'd had a really bad day again, and really needed to talk to someone. Jamie had been having a lot of bad days lately, and she had been needing John and George even more. They were her focus point. Her due north. The only people who understood her or cared.

"We're 'ere luv, in yer room," George called to Jamie.

"Where were you? I was so afraid you wouldn't come," she said rapidly.

"Why wouldn't we come Jamie? What would ever make you think that?" John asked.

"Well, it's just that, uh, nobody else seems to want to talk to me," Jamie stuttered quietly.

"Oh Jamie, come 'ead," Joh said, motioning Jamie to come over to him so he could hug her. "You know well never leave you, right George?"

"Right, well allus be 'ere for ya," George nodded, going over to John and Jamie.

"Never let anyone get ya down luv," George said, kneeling and taking one of Jamies hands in his own.

"I, I'll try not to," Jamie sniffled, trying to smile.

"Good. Just try yer best an you'll be fine," George said.

"Now you just go an' do what ya need to do, an' we'll always be 'round to 'elp ya," John said, standing up.

"Ok, I will John. Ta for everything guys," Jamie said, smiling.

"Yer welcome Jamie. Any time at all," John said.

With that, Jamie headed back down stairs to help her mother with supper. 'Maybe if I help out, she'll love me more,' Jamie though.


"Guys? Where are you? I really need to talk to you..." Jamie's fear filled voice trailed off.

"John? George? Please talk to me," her voice quavered.

"Mum an' dad want to take me to some doctor"

"What? A doctor? Why?" John asked, suddenly behind Jamie.

"Eeep! Shite John, you scared me! I thought you weren't coming," Jamie said with relief.

"Sorry Jame. So why do yer parents want you to go to a doctor?" John asked.

" I dont know John! They just said that they're really worried about me, an' that they think the doctor'll help me," Jamie said.

"Did they say what kind of doctor?" John asked.

"No, well, I dont think they did. I dont know! Oh John, I don't wanna go! I have a really bad feeling about this," Jamie cried, clinging to John.

"Shhh, it's ok. Maybe the doctor can help you with all these bad days you've been having," John said, quietly stroking her hair.

"I guess, maybe. But Im scared John."

"I know luv, I know. George an I'll be with you though," John said.

"Really?" Jamie asked with hope.

"Really. We'll be right there with you," John replied, leading Jamie out of the house.

Jamie got into the backseat of her parents car, an old Chevy wagon, after making sure John and George had gotten in. She felt much better now that they were with her.


"Where's John an' George? Where'd you send them?" Jamie asked.

"Who's John and George?" the nurse asked, a matronly woman.

"John Lennon and George Harrison! They came here with me!" Jamie said with raising hysteria.

"They're dead honey, I'm sorry. John died over twenty years ago, and George has been dead for months," the nurse said kindly.

"No! They're not dead! I just saw them this morning!" Jamie exclaimed.

"I'm sorry honey," the nurse said, giving Jamie her shot.

"But I saw them, I swear! I talk to them almost every day! They help me with my bad days," Jamie cried.

Jamie continued in the same vein until the medicine finally took hold, ushering her into a deep, dreamless sleep.


The doctor had diagnosed Jamie as having schizophrenia, much to the dismay of her family. He traced its beginnings back to 30 November, 2001; the day the world learned of the death of former Beatle George Harrison. He believed that Jamie had created the illusions of John and George in an attempt to deal with her grief. If she was able to come to terms with the truth, he had high hopes that Jamie would recover fully. But that was all relevant to the support of her family, and Jamie's own desire to get better. "A long and winding road is ahead of you all," the doctor had told Jamie's family. So they started down it together, for her sake.

The End