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The Paperback Writer
An Untitled Fan Fic-Chapter 3

Any suggestions for a title would be greatly appreciated and taken into consideration. Perhaps even made into a poll. :)

The time passed incredibly fast, and I was really surprised when the seat belt light came on. I smiled at Dhani, quickly repacked my gear, and got the remainders out of the overhead. Dhani also got his stuff ready, then settled back down to wait for the plane to land.
On impulse, I tore out a sheet of paper from my tattered sketchbook and wrote my name, address and phone numer on it. I then gave it to Dhani; I'd become too good of friends with him over that short flight to just let him disappear from my life. And it wasn't because of who he was, exactly as I'd told him. Even if his name'd been John Doe, I'd still want to keep in touch with Dhani. Honestly, I don't think I could handle meeting George for a while anyways. I knew I needed to come to terms with the fact that Dhani's father was George Harrison, and was friends with not only Ringo Starr, John Lennon(god bless his soul), and Paul McCartney, but many other famous musicians.
It was with these thoughts running around in my head that I got off the plane. So introspective was I, that I didn't even realize Dhani was asking me something at first.
"Sienna?! Hello? Ya 'ome?" Dhani asked, waving his hand in front of my face.
"Huh?!! Oh, sorry, I was just thinking and working on autopilot," I answered.
"Um, that's not exactly a very wise thing to do in a foreign country y'know."
"I know, bad habit of mine. Ack, I gotta dig out that blasted passport. Horrid picture, as usual. At least it's not as bad as my driver's license picture..."
"Sienna?! Aare you sure yer alright? Yer rambling."
"Ah crud. I alwasy do that when I'm nervous. Sorry."
"It's no problem; but why are ya worried?"
"Well, this is me first time in a foreign country besides Canada; I don't know where anything is; I don't know if all my stuff was shipped over like it was supposed to; I don't know if I'll like college here or my roommates. It's a big change for a small country girl now in the big scary city," I answered, part serious, part in jest.
"Oh man, I didn't even think of that Sienna. If you want, I can take you to yer flat. Dad said he'd send a car, even though him an' mum couldn't make it."
"You really don't need to do that...but I'd really appreciate it so much. Yer the only person I know besides me friend Mark, who I only know through the 'net."
"It's no problem Anna. But you better go get yer passport checked an' everythin'. I'll meet ya at luggage."
"Yeah. Sienna. Se-Anna. It's a shortenation."
"I don't think shortenation is a word Dhani! But I like it. Both of 'em!"
Dhani laughed and said, "Get on, an' I'll see ya in a few."
"Alright, alright, I'm goin'!" I laughed as I headed to customs, and Dhani for luggage.

* * *

Well, customs was a rather fun ordeal, and boy was I ever glad when it was done with. Wearily, headed over to the luggage claim to meet up with Dhani. He smiled and motioned me over.
"I'm just waiting for my last bag. I think I got all yer stuff, but you should probly double check just in case."
"K, sounds good to me," I said, as I began checking over all the luggage. "Hmm, looks like everything's here. Ta mucho by the way, I really appreciate you helping me."
Laughing, Dhani answered, "It's no problem, really," and leaned over to grab a bag."There, that's everything. Ready to go?"
"Yeah, but I think we might want to get one o' those carrier thingies for all a' this. I'm certainly not gonna be able to manage all of it at' I, for one, do not trust my stuff alone in the open."
"Hmm, yer right. I don't think I can carry alla' my stuff either. Wait here, an' I'll be right back," Dhani said, as he turned and walked over to the service desk.
In a few, he came back with two luggage carts, one for each of us.
"Here we go, this'll work way better," Dhani said, putting one of the carts next to me.
"Ta. Much easier," I replied, while starting to load my stuff, as Dhani did the same.
"Alright, I'm done. You?" Dhani asked.
"Yup, just let me strap this last one down," I said. "K, lead on, oh might leader!"
"Mmmkay, follow me. An' no funny stuff Anna!"
"Me? Do funny stuff? Never!" I said, feigning to look aghast. "I'm ashamed you would ever think such things."
"Uh huh, save it for the stage Anna. I know your act."
"Why Dhani, you hardly even know me! How could you possibly know all my acts?"
"Hmm, yer right there. All the more reason for me to hand with ya!"
"My my, is that an invititation Dhani?" I said, raising my eyebrows.
"Only if you care to take it as such," he said, smiling and blushing slightly.
"Well, then I guess I'll just have to take you up on that then. I mean, it'd be terribly rude of me to turn you down after all yer help, eh?" I said, making a face.
"Yeah, it would," Dhani said, laughing. "Now where's the car..."he said, looking around, as we'd finally reached the entrance of the airport. "Oh, there is is, over there. Wha' the...I thought he said..."
"Who said? Huh? Speak in complete sentences please Dhani," I said, following him over to a black car with darkened windows. Looked like a Beamer limo. I didn't even want to know what the price tag was on THAT bugger.
Looking at Dhani's confused and surprised face, I frowned, wondering just what he was talking about. As we neared it, the driver got out to open the boot, whilst looking questioningly at first me, then Dhani.
"It's alright Jonesy, she's with me. I told Sienna I could giver her a lift to her flat, as she's new to the country," Dhani told Jones.
"Oh, tha's alrigh'. 'Ere luv, le' me 'elp ya with tha'," Jones, an elderly Liverpudlian if I was any judge of accent, said, motioning me to let him load up my stuff.
"Ta," I said, smiling and handing him my stuff. I just couldn't bring my self to let him do all the work, although Dhani had left his cart for him to load into the boot.
Dhani had already opened the door,and after talking to whomever was in there, motioned me over.
"C'mon Anna, I want you to meet someone," Dhani said with a mischievious smile.
"What are you up to Dhani? I don't trust that smile of yours," I said, frowning slightly.
"Aw, don't frown Sienna, yer face might freeze that way."
"Oh, wouldn't that be a pity. I still think yer up to somethin' though," I said.
"Will you jus' come 'ead already? Sheesh, what's a guy gotta do ta get ya ta listen?"
"Well, tellin' me straight up what yer up to would be a nice start!" I answered, coming over to the door.
Just as I was about to lean down, I had a sudden feeling that I was about to get the surprise of a life time.

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