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While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Paperback Writers

Fan Fiction, poetry, and random ramblings

A place for the writings of myself and my friends. Read at your own risk!

Everyone has their own inner writer. Some are just better at getting in touch with it. Many people write poetry, short stories, or journals, without anyone being the wiser. Other like to share their work with the world. Here, I have some of my poety and ramdom written thoughts. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some of my friends to let me put their writings up here.

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This is something I wrote in one of my clubs over the summer at about 1am.

Well, lesse what I can do...

"In the town, where I was born, lived a man, who sailed to sea..."

Said the walrus to the carpenter, "what think ye of these long-haired fellows? Do ye think they'll get anywhere?"

Said the carpenter to the walrus, "Aye, friend Walrus. These four lads are destined for greatness. I foresee it all."

Said the walrus to the carpenter, "Yes, but I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob."

Said the carpenter unto the walrus, "Indeed, that be true. Away we must, for the Octopus has invited us to sup in his garden with Rocky Raccoon, Rita Meter, Sadie, Lucy Diamonds, Bungalow Bill and his mother, and Desmond and Molly Jones."

Said the walrus unto the carpenter, "Then away we go."

And so, the walrus and the carpenter dined in the Octopus' Garden with many friends, and a good time was had by all.

:this nonsense post brought to you drug-free, the way to be:

If you'd like to have a poem, or whatever of yours published on my site, please email me! I'd love to hear what people think, and read what they write.

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Another's Soul
by Skylar

A hard sarcastic biting mask,
Protects a lonely, pain-filled soul.
Laughing, smiling, acting fine
But deep inside, I'm filled with misery
This body is merely a terrestrial residence
And my soul yearns to sing an aria of freedom
I can't stand all these constrictions
The pressure from without is killing me within.
To be myself, is that a sin?
I want to be me, not another's image
I fear my resolve may soon by crushed
Just like a tiny robin's egg
When will I be free?
Will I ever find my match to help me?
Can anyone really see beneath the mask,
To see who I really am?
I don't think it's really possible
To truely know another's soul.

Dear Friend
by Skylar
Good-bye, so long, dear old friend
I hope you're happy where you are
In that concert hall up in the stars
There with John and Stu and Mal
Linda too, and Martha dear
Brian, Jimi and Janis surround
Lizard King and Bonzo jam
Elvis, Buddy, and Roy are there
All your idols, and mind too
Man, what a hell of a band
Now you're finally with your sweet lord
Did he explain things?
Do you now understand?
I hope the pain is now long gone
A distant memory quickly fading
Save a place for Paul and Ritch
You know they'll want in on the fun
John always said, "happiness is a warm gun"
Maybe not, seeing his ending
So good-bye, dear friend
So long, adieu
Now you can start a-new
I'll always love you.
4 February, 2002

For the Children
by Skylar

If you cut down all the trees,
Pollute all the seas,
Destroy the birds and the bees,
What will be left for the children?

Don't forget the past,
The memories shall always last
It passes so very fast
But learn from yesterday's mistakes.

Look upon what's been done
Think upon what's to come
To be all alone
That's not what we want for the children.

Ode To A Love Lost
by Skylar
O, my love, I knew thee not
I knew thee well
My feelings for you, inside me swell
Your feelings for me, did not exist
You love was my greatest wish
O, my love, I feel so all alone
Clamorous thoughts surround me
You always seemed so wise
My love for you, against which many did advise
Your presence was all I ever needed
O, my love, you've gone so far away
You feel so very near
'Twas long before you should have gone
Now you're gone, good bye, so long
Your wisdom was all I ever wanted
O, my love, I knew thee well
You knew me not
If just was not meant to be, you and me
If I thought it would bring you back, I'd go down on bended knee
You life returned is now my only wish.
4 February, 2002

No stealing. You steal, you die, k? Now enjoy the writing!