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While My Guitar Gently Weeps
I Me Mine

Yuck, a page about me. For those who care. :P

"When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in one of two ways--either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength." - the Dalai Lama

The story
of life is quicker
than the wink of an eye
The story of love
is hello and goodbye
Until we meet again.
-Jimi Hendrix, "The Story of Life" 17 September, 1970

"One bright morning when my work is over I will fly away home"
Get Up, Stand Up, stand up for your right
Get Up, Stand Up, don't give up the fight
-Bob Marley

Give me a break already! I know that nobody really cares! So shurrup!

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it - even if I have said it - unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."


"Never assume the obvious is true."
--William Safire

"If you believe everything you read, you better not read."
--Japanese proverb


"Keep things in perspective and take a nap whenever possible."                      --Keith MacLean(a classmate of mine)


"Be yourself, not an image someone else wants you to be. You'll be much happier. Make sure to have time to laugh, for without it, life is very dull and meaningless."                                                                                                    --Me


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Well, I guess I should start at the begining, that being the logical thing to do. I was born on the 16th of February, making me an aquarian. Unfortunately, I was born forty years to late, and not only in the wrong country, but the wrong city as well. That's just how it goes I suppose. Anyroad, I was for my parents, a miracle. They'd been married for twelve years, and had actually started the process for adoption when I was born. Lucky for them, I came along. Or so I like to think. As is obvious, I am the eldest child in my family, giving me a penchant to be somewhat of a bully, especially towards my younger brother. Annoying little twit that he is, four years the youngest, and an aquarian as well.
Now I've come into my own, learned to be proud of my uniquity. I love to make people laugh, and I love to have fun. Music, art, writing. Those are my releases, my ways of expressing myself. Art has been the formost of those for the majority of my life; I've been drawing and doodling ever since I learnt how to hold that crayon in my small left hand. Writing, well, I've always been articulate, gifted with a large vocabulary. Poetry and writing lyrics have become a new, strong creative force in my life; it's a great way to express emotion. Music, ah sweet music. I began in 1993, when I learnt to play the recorder; the next year, I began learning to play the alto sax, an instrument that at the time, was almost as large as myself. This past February, I acquired a guitar, a long time dream finally began. I still play alto sax, now having achieved first chair in my high school band. Comedy, another important facet of my personality. I don't really fancy myself a comediene, but I do enjoy making others laugh, and I love to laugh. My friends and I are alway trying to find something to laugh about; you need that in this sad world we're now living in.
School, what an experience that has been. The same small school, I've spent most of my life there. Friends, teachers, some who are both; the place is filled with memories, even though it's face is now changing with the new construction, administration, and new teachers coming in. As much as I complain and criticize my school, I really do love the place, and will miss it when I leave it in June. College will be a new, exciting, and scary experience; but I'm read for it. Boy, am I ever ready! I have my parents and wonderful teachers to thank for that. They pushed me to do my best, and have always been there for me. Ta guys!
As is obvious, I'm an english major; but that is combined with an art major, making it a double. But it's not for teaching, as so many have asked me. I want to someday either start my own animation/production company, hopefully with some good friends(you know who you are!); or perhaps work for a book publishing company as an editor, freelancing as a cover artist and writing my own novels. I guess I've rambled on enough for now, and I'm sure everyone is bored to tears and begging for the end. It's a Beggar's Banquet! Haha, sorry, album quote there. Sorry for the lack of comedy in this little gathering of my short biography, but that's what ya get for my being dead tired. And also for watching the Academy Awards at the time. Go Paul! :) Tarra for now mates!