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While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Welcome all ye who comest to me lit'le piece of webdome! 'Tis dedicated to the ones I love, the Beatles! Look out, here they come! Enjoy at yer own risk!

Hey there all you Beatle people! Prepare to be amazed by the Fab Four! Hahahahaha! Yes, if you have come here, you must either be a Beatlemaniac or a friend whom I nagged to come! Anyroad, sit back, get a nice hot cuppa an' enjoy the ride! Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell ya....I'm crazy!


Oh the fun o' creatin' a lit'le website o' me own. It's me 'ome away from 'ome, y'know. I've put a lot o' work inta this, so please be ever so kind as ta sign me guestbook. I'd greatly appreciate it luvs! Please let me know what ye think o' ever'thin', or wha'e'er. :D


Hahahaha, so I haven't updated in a while. School will do that to a person! :) I'm tryin' to add some stuff, so please be patient! Please sign the gb or I'll cry! :P



Hands playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

See George there? Yeah, that's what he thinks of people who steal my stuff without asking! So please, ask if you want to use something. Or face the wrath of George!

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My name is George and I play a guitar

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