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The Paperback Writer
An Untitled Fan Fic-Chapter 4

Any suggestions for a title would be greatly appreciated and taken into consideration. Perhaps even made into a poll. :)

I hesitated at the door momentarily, until Dhani pushed me in, sitting down next to me and shutting the door. I don't know how, but somehow he knew that if he didn't block me in, I would bolt. He was unfortunately right. As is was, once I saw who was in the car across from me, I just about ran through Dhani and the door.
"Holy shit!!! Your dad's here! I thought you said he couldn't make it?!" I practically yelled.
"Well, that's what he told me," Dhani answered, while giving his father a funny look.
"You could of at least warned me! You knew as soon as you saw the car! Are you purposely tryin' ta give me a heart attack?"
"Shush, it's alright luv, he'll get what's comin' to 'im," George said, patting my knee.
"Eeep!" I said, jumping a bit.
"Now, I heard Dhani callin' ya both Anna and Sienna. Which is it?"
"Well," I said, gulping nervously, "it's Sienna. Dhani's decided that Anna is me new nicky."
"Sienna then, for now. How exactly did ya meet up with Dhani?" George asked, trying to take my mind off of who he was.
"Oh, uh, we were both on the same, uh, flight from Kennedy," I answered.
"Really? Well, that was fortunate for you both."
"But more for me Dad! I can't wait 'till Mum meets Anna!" Dhani interjected.
George simply gave Dhani one of those looks, and looked back at me. To my surprise, the car actually had two seats facing each other, and George was sitting opposite Dhani and I. Much to my relief, I must admit; and at that moment, I was about ready to pummel Dhani for not forewarning me. I would have too, had George not been thre, and I had my fists tightly clenched to try to control my emotions.
George noticed my white-knuckled, tightly clenched fists, and made a note to himself to have a talk with Dhani later. You simply didn't pull that sort of a thing on somebody; especially when they were a fan, as I obviously was, judging by my reaction.
"So, what are ya doin' in England Sienna?" he asked.
"Hmm? Oh, I'm here to study for a year thru my college," I answered, momentarily distracted by plotting how I could get back at Dhani.
"Gear. What's yer major then?"
"Art an' english, double major."
"Wow, that's quite an ambitious undertaking," George said.
"Yeah, I guess. But it's what I love, along with music," I replied, beginning to relax a bit. "Oh crap, did you give Jones my address Dhani?!" I asked suddenly, jumping forward.
"Uh huh," he nodded, "already taken care of Anna."
"Oh thank god," I sighed, leaning back.
"So," George said, "Sienna, you were saying you like music. Do you play?"
"Yeah, alto sax, and guitar fairly recently," I answered, turning my attention back to George. "Well, and a bit of piano, I guess you could say."
"What do you mean by that?" he asked.
"I don't know all the keys on a piano, but I can pick out melodies by ear. Some of them my own."
"Oh! I see. Well, that's fab...the same basic way John an' Paul usta play 'till they learned the keys."
"Yeah, well, they're a helluva lot better than me."
"Ack, I'll just hafta bring ya home sometime Anna, eh Dad?" Dhani said.
George laughed and said, "Sure, but at least give everyone some warning before you do that. Yer mum would murder ya if ya just brought Sienna home withou' tellin' 'er."
"Right Dhani. I know my mum wouldn't appreciate that," I added.
"Oh alright. Ruin all me fun," Dhani said dejectedly.
"Maybe so, but we'd all appreciate it Dhan," I said.
Looking out the window, I noticed that the scenery had vastly changed. Turning toward Dhani, I asked, "Uh Dhani, are you sure you gave the right address to Jones?"
"Yeah, this way's just quicker," he answered.
"Well, it certainly doesn't seem like it," I said, yawning. "No offense or anything Mr. Harrison," I added.
"Call me George, please. An' none taken luv. The jet lag an' time change are prob'ly catchin' up with ya by now. Believe me, I know wha' tha's like," George said.
"Ta George," I said, trying to stifle another yawn.
Dhani smile at me, and pretending to stretch, he put his arm around me. I looked at him, raising my left eyebrow and saying, "Smooth Dhani, really smooth. Couldn't ya even thing of somethin' original? That one's been around since one zillion bc!"
"Well, it worked, didn't it?" he smirked.
"Only for the time bein'. I'm too tired to beat yer arse right now," I said, mock punching him.
Yawning again, I leant my head against his shoulder. That was a boldy rare action for me, even though I'd become much more open since I was seventeen. George was right of course; jet lag was catchin up to with a vengence. Valiantly, I fought to stay awake, but in the end, I lost the battle.

* * *

Dhani gently shook me awake when we arrived at my flat.
"Wake up Anna, we're 'ere," he said.
"Hmm? Oh," yawn, " ok," I said sleepily.
"Come 'ead, let's get yer gear inside," Dhani said, opening the door and getting out.
"K. It was great to meet you George. Sorry 'bout fallin' asleep on ya," I said, shaking George's hand and getting out.
The driver had already opened the boot, and he and Dhani were sorting the luggage. Dhani smiled when he saw me get out.
"Have a nice kip?" he asked.
"Uh huh," I nodded," nice pillow too!"
"Is that all I am? A bloody pillow?" Dhani mocked.
"O' course! What did ya expect? Didn't yer dad warn ya 'bout us 'Merican birds? We'll only use ya an' reject ya in the end," I shot back.
"Argh! No more perverted movie lines, please!"
"What? Snark? Wha' in bloody 'ell does that mean?" Dhani asked, confused.
"Snark means absolutely nothing and everything. A friend an' I made it up. Means whatever ya want it to," I answered, laughing.
"Uh, I see. Do you know yer crazy?" Dhani asked.
"Yup. 'smatter of fact, I do. Snarkin' proud of it too!" I smiled.
"Oh, I, uh, see," Dhani smiled confusedly.
During this exchange, Jones had unloaded the rest of my stuff.
"'Ere ya go miss," Jones said.
"Oh! Thanks a bunch!" I said, smiling and picking up as much as I could.
"Wait a tic Anna, lemme 'elp ya with those," Dhani said, taking some luggage from me and picking up the rest.
"Dhani, you really don't need to do that," I pleaded with him.
"I know, but I want to," he said, heading up the stiars to my flat.
"Oh, alright. If you insist. Weird guy," I said.
"I do, and I am. Wanna ring the doorbell luv?" Dhani asked.
"Huh? Yeah," I said, pushing the small button.
As we stood there, waiting, footsteps rushing down stairs could be heard. The door was flung open by two girls, one older, the other about my age.
"Sienna? Is that you?" the younger, a pretty blonde, asked.
"Yeah, I'm Sienna. Are you Janis?" I asked, extending my hand.
"Yep, an' this is Ella, me sister," Janis said, shaking my hand, and motioning towards the other girl, a hazel eyed brunette.
"Hi, nice ta meet ya Sienna," Ella said, also shaking my hand.
"Oh! I'm sorry! This is Dhani, I met him on the plane and he was nice enough to give me a lift here," I said, pulling Dhani forward.
"Wow, that was really nice of ya Dhani," Ella said, shaking hands with him.
"Yeah, that's real cool of ya. But you look kinda familiar," Janis said, looking at Dhani intently as she shook hands with him.
"Ug, I don't know why. I've never met ya before in m' life," Dhani said, semi-nervously.
"Hmm, that's true," Janis said.
"Well Dhani, you know how to reach me. See ya 'round?" I said.
"Yeah, definitely. I want you to meet Mum," Dhani said, turning to go.
"Wait! Dhani, come 'ere," I said, grabbing his arm. "Thank you so much for everything. Even if you did try to give me a heartattack," I smiled, hugging him.
"No prob Anna. Thank you for being such a cool girl," Dhani said, hugging me back.
"Later then Dhani," I waved.
"Yeah, bye!" Dhani waved back, walking to the car. I hoped we would be able to keep in touch.

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