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The Paperback Writer
Tomorrow Never Knows
Tomorrow Never Knows-Chapter 1
Tomorrow Never Knows-Chapter 2
Tomorrow Never Knows-Chapter 3
Tomorrow Never Knows-Chapter 4
Tomorrow Never Knows-Chapter 5
Tomorrow Never Knows-Chapter 6
Smiling Outside, Inside Blue
An Untitled Fan Fiction-Chapter 1
An Untitled Fan Fiction-Chapter 2
An Untitled Fan Fic-Chapter 3
An Untitled Fan Fic-Chapter 4
30 November, 2001
Feelin' Blue

A site for my longer writings

Oooh, just what everyone wants! More of my insane writing! Here is where I'm putting my fan fictions, and longer poetry and songs. Read at yer own risk. :) Please sign the GB!
Also, some of my shorter poems and random writings can be found back at While My Guitar Gently Weeps. :) Bon apetit!

Get Back to While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Someone please please(me) read my stories! I'd really appreciate it if ya'd be kind enough ta sign me GB an' let me know what ya think. Suggestions for a title for my untitled piece would be beyond appreciated!
Luv ya, Skylar

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Aww, lookit that, George likes me writing! At least someone does!

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