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Tomorrow Never Knows-Chapter 4


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30 November, 2001
Feelin' Blue

"I'm Happy Just To Dance With You"

After a short drive, we arrived at a swinging club, packed with dancing young people. Feeling very shy, and rather out of place in my big bell-bottomed jeans and top, I tried to stay being the guys. John wouldn't allow this. He came up behind me, grabbed me around my waist, and propelled me to the front of the group.
"Nah uh, none of that Miss Skylar. To the head of the line with ya!" John said with a smile.
"Do I really have to? I'd really rather not John. I don't want to upset all the teeny boppers," I pleaded.
"Yes, you have to! When escorted by THE John Lennon, one must be at the head of the crowd, so everyone can admire ya!" John said.
"Why? My attire is hardly appropriate. 'Specially in comparison with what the rest of these chicks wearin'," I said.
"Nah, yer clothes are fine luv. 'Smatter of fact, I quite like 'em! That's why I want to show you off! You have a very groovy sense of style," John said.
"You really think so?" I asked.
"'Course. I wouldn't 'ave said so if I didn't," John answered.
"That really means a lot to me John. Danke mucho," I said.
By this time, we had progressed to the door, and were admitted with no problem. Ringo, Paul and George followed right behind John and I. As soon as everyone was in, we headed for the bar to order drinks; Scotch and coke for the guys, and a Sprite for me. John found this particularly amusing, and tried to get me to order something alcoholic. I protested, saying,"John! I can't! I'm only 17, and I don't want to get caught. Besides, I don't even really like alcohol."
"Aw, c'mon luv, you aren't gonna get caught. Nobody asks your age or anythin' like that. Just try a bit of mine at least," John pleaded.
"No, I already told you I'm not big on alcohonl, especially hard stuff like Scotch," I countered.
"C'mon Sky, the only alcohol you've likely 'ad is that piss you Americans call beer," John weedled.
"Yeah, I've tried some beer, which does taste like piss; champagne, which isn't much better; some wine coolers, which are ok; and some hard ciders and lemonades, which are tolerable. I already told you, soda is just fine for me. I also like to be in complete control of myself, so therefore, that's another reason for me to avoid alcohol. It's your own choice what you do, I'm not gonna stop you. All I ask is that you show me the same free choice that I show you," I said, finally finishing my imprompt speech.
Looking very sheepish, and blushing slightly, John said softly,"I'm sorry Sky. I shouldn't've pressured you so much. And you're absolutely right in putting me in me place. Not many birds I know'll stand up to me, and for their rights and what they believe in." And he gave me a light peck on the cheek before handing me my Sprite. Ringo came up and gave me a hug, saying, "Wow, that was incredible, Skylar. It's not often I see someone take John down like that. You've really made quite an impression on 'im luv."
"Yeah, I guess. I hope I didn't come off as a bitch though," I replied.
"Not at all luv. Speakin' yer mind doesn't make ya a bitch. It mearly shows that you've a brain an' aren't afraid to use or show it," Ringo said.
"Danke rin. It's just that I hate having people pressure me. Kinda makes me go bonkers on 'em," I said.
"Ya know, Paul was right. You are a rare find indeed, and I'm quite glad he found you," Ringo said contemplatively.
My response was to blush furiously, and look at the floor. At that moment, George decided to come over to see what was going on. Putting a hand on my shoulder, he rather shyly asked,"Would ya care to dance with me Sky?" somewhat apprehensively after the way I had exploded on John.
I turned around, smiled, and took his hand, answering,"Sure, I'd love to dance with you George! See ya 'round Ring!" and waved to Ringo.


George led me out onto the dance floor with a fluid grace I didn't often see in my guy friends. He showed himself to be a wonderful dancer, and I enjoyed having him as a partner. We talked about many things as we danced, from our families to our future plans. I could feel a strong bond growing between us; one of friendship, trust and mutual respect. If ever I needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to ask advice of, or someone to just listen, I knew that George would be there for me. In return, I offered him the same, knowing that there were few people around that he could trust, and that sometimes he needed someone that would be objective to the situation. Not knowing if and when I'd be able to get back home, I was immensely grateful for George's friendship and quiet support. I resolved then and there to tell George everything as soon as we could get a quiet, private moment together. I needed to tell someone my whole story, and I felt I could trust George to help me in whatever way he could.
During all this time, I was completely oblivious to the looks I was receiving; not only from other women, but from John, Paul and Ringo, who were watching George and I rather jealously. I had no idea how much of an impression I had made on all of them, with my quiet strength, my sense of humour, and the kindness I never realized I showed. Without realizing it, I had won the hearts and trust of four young men who rarely trusted anyone, especially a teenage girl. Without conferring with each other, John, George, Paul and Ringo and consented to do whatever they could to protect me, and to earn and keep my trust and friendship.


After a while, John came up to George and I. He cut in, first dancing a bit with George (much to his disgust I might add!), and then he bowed to me. I bowed back with a smile and a laugh, accepting John's invitation to dance.
John proved himself as much fun to dance with as he was to talk with. Unlike George, John was willing to try all different kinds of crazy stunts. I had a great time dancing with John, and he more than made up for trying to get me to drink alcohol earlier.
Like I had with George, John and I talked about everything and anything as we danced. Behind his razor sharp wit and scathing sarcasm, I saw a very caring man. One who was afraid to trust and love anyone, lest he be hurt again. I recognized this, and gently assured John that I would never intentionally hurt him. Once he realized this, I could almost see his iron walls come down to briefly show me the "hidden John". In return fo this trust, I in turn showed John the "hidden me". We hugged briefly before going over to sit with the reest of the lads, who were enjoying their drinks. John and I were mutually glad to have found a fellow lost soul, and our resemblance to each other was incredibly uncanny.
As we sat down, or relaxed manner with each other resembled that of old-time friends. John and I comfortably conversed and teased each other. Despite all this, John still showed a certain shyness, as if afraid to offend me. I saw this immediately and leaning towards John, said quitely, "Y'know John, I'm not gonna break. Or cry for that matter. I may not be city born and raised, but I'm still pretty tough. 'Sides, I rather enjoy a good verbal and mental challenge!"
John was at first surprised, and then he lauhed. With a sly look, he said, "Ya sure ya can 'andle the Lennon wit at full force?"
"Yeah, so long's you're ready for mine!" I answered with a haughty look and laugh.
Once again, George was watching the exchange between John and myself. Having already made himself comfortable, he laughed at my last comment, catching my attention.
"You got some'ut to say George?" I asked of George, giving him a fake dirty look.
"Nope, nothin' a' 'tall Skylar, m'lady. Continue on, as you two are quite entertaining," George answered back.
Looking at John, I said, "Ye 'ear tha' John? 'E says we're entertainin'!" slipping into a Liverpudlian accent unconciously.
John laughingly replied, "So I hear. Think we should do somethin' about it?"
Smiling deviously and rubbing my hands together, I said, "Why yes, I believe we should!...But what to do, what to do? So many choices, so little time!" ending with what my mum called my 'devil laugh'.
By this time George was looking very worried, and no little fearful. Nevously, he said, "I was only jokin' Skylar...I didn't mean it at 'tall!"
Cackling with glee, I cynically responded, "Sure George, that's what they all say before...oops, almost said too much! John! You have to make sure I don't say too much!"
Managing to fake looking sheepish, John said, "A thousand apologies Sky. I'll make sure to pay attention from this moment forward."
George is now looking downright scared, and when I get up and begin walking towards him, he looked ready to bolt. I lean down to look George in the eye, cocking my head to the side a bit; and then suddenly kiss him. John is roaring with laughter and George looks like someone just hit him in the side of the head with a board.
Paul is busy with two chicks hanging all over him. Ug, disgusting! I think to myself. Ringo is downing a good amount of alcohol with the help of a pretty blonde girl. Well, at least he isn't as bad as Paul. I don't belive how they act sometimes. No decency I tell ya! And it doesn't help that they guys encourage the girls to act that way! I thought.
After startling the crap out of George, I went back to my seat to try and calm John down. He had obviously ha more than his share of alcohol, and was in no mood to be quiet or listen to anyone for that matter.
Looking over at George, who was my only source of help at the moment, I motion him to come over with my head.
"George, I need you to help me get John out to the car. I really don't think Brian would thank me if I let him get into trouble while I'm with you guys, " I said to him quietly.
"Hmm, yer probly right Sky. Why don't you get Macca and Ringo out to the car, unattached of course, while I work with John?" he answered back.
"Ok, that should hopefully work. Once I get them out there, I'll come back to see if you need any help, k?"
"Yeah, that sounds good, " he said.
"Good luck with John! You'll probably need it!" I said.
"Yeah, definitely, knowin' John! " George laughed.
I walked over to Ringo, figuring he would be the easiest to convince.
"Um, 'scuse me, Ringo? Can I talk to ya for a sec?" I asked nervously.
"Sure Sky. Excuse me luv," he said, getting up. "What is it Skylar?"
"Well, um, do you mind leavin' now? John's startin' to get rather loud, an' I don't want Brian mad at me because he got into trouble," I said pleadingly.
"Nah, it's not a problem Sky. I'm completely knackered out anyroad," Ringo said.
"Danke Ring. Do y'think you could help me with Paul? I think he'll be a bit harder to convince."
"Sure," Ringo said, looking over at Paul, who still had the two girls hanging on him. "He might not like it much, but Macca shouldn't be too much trouble. Just mention Brian and his possible blaming of you, and Paul should go peacefully."
"Ta mucho Ring," I said, walking over to Paul, with Ringo my wake. Turning toward Ringo, I said, "Could you get Paul over here for me please? I just don't feel comfortable goin' over there with those chicks all over him."
What I really meant was that I was afraid I wouldn't even be able to get Paul's attention. In comparison with those girls, I might as well have been a guy. At least in my opinion.
"Yeah, no problem," Ringo said with a smile, gently squeezing my shoulder as he walked by to let me know that he understood.
Meanwhile, George wasn't making very much progress with John. All he had earned for his efforts was a growing bruise on the side of his handsome face, and an angry John. He looked over to where Ringo and I were talking to Paul. Dancing out of the reach of John's druken swings, George silently prayed that I would hurry up with Paul and Ringo so I could help him.
After explaining the situation to Paul, he agree without a problem.
"Yeah, that's fine Sky. I'm rather tired meself," Paul said, picking up his coat and heading out.
I looked at Ringo and said,"Ya better go with him. I'll meet ya out at the car. And neither of you are driving."
Ringo nodded and followed Paul, while I headed over to George and John. Pulling George asided, I asked, "How goes it?"
"Not too good Sky. He's completely pissed, and ornery to boot," George answered, keeping his head turned in hopes I wouldn't see the bruise.
Unfortunately, I was more observant than he expected, and I saw it.
Gently turning his face towards me, I asked,"Shit, did John do this?"
"Yeah," he nodded.
"Aw fuck, I'm sorry Geo," I said.
"'snot yer fault Sky. I shoulda know better'n to get that close to John. 'Specially when he's that drunk," George said, taking my hand from his face and squeezing it i reasurrance. "It's ok, really Skylar. Better me than you."
"Damn, I know, but he doesn't have to be such a bloody bastard. C'mon, we better get 'im out to the car, Paul and Ringo are waitin' for us," I said, walking over to John.
George shot me a look of warning, and I nodded in acknowledgement.
Deftly swiping John's beer, I sat on the table in front of him. Forcefully grabbing his face in my left hand as I handed George the beer with my right, I made him look at me.
"John, you listen up. We're leaving. Now. Whether you like it or not, so it's best just to go quietly," I hissed at John, letting out my anger at his actions.
This shocked John into paying attention, and he wobblely got to his feet. I signaled George to come over and help John, while I got our coats. George looked at me in surprise as he led John out.
I tossed on my coat, quickly grabbed John and George's, and followed them out. George was helping John get in the back with Paul and Ringo when I finally caught up with them. He was just heading for the driver's seat when I called out to him.
"George, you take shot gun, I'll drive. You've all had a good amount of drink, and shouldn't be driving," I said.
"Are ya sure? Don' forget ever'thin's reversed," George said with concern.
"No worries mate, I'll manage. Just direct me where we need to go, and we'll be ok," I answered.
George laughed and tossed me the keys,"Alright then, let's go."
Starting the car, I carefully pulled out, taking a few minutes to adjust. We made it back to the hotel with no mishaps, and we all headed in.
Once inside, Paul and Ringo immediately headed for their room, while George and I helped John into theirs. I came back out, grabbed my bag, and headed for the bathroom to change. I immediately realized that I didn't have anything to sleep in. Greatly embarrased, I went back out to the main room to talk to George.
Blushing immensely, I quietly asked, "Uh, George, would you happen to have an old shirt or something I could borrow?"
"Sure luv, give me a tic," he smiled, and headed for his and John's room.
He returned with what looked to be pjs, and said, "'ere, you can 'ave these. They got shrunk at one o' the 'otels," his scouse accent becoming more evident with his tiredness.
"Thank you so much George!" I shyly smiled, and went back to the bathroom.
When I came back out carrying my bag in George's old pjs, which weren't to big, he was sitting in front of the tv. I set my bag next to the couch, and fell onto it. George looked up and smiled tiredly at me.
"Where d'ya plan on sleepin' luv?" he asked.
"Well, I figured on the couch. It's really quite comfy."
"Are ya sure? It's awefully cold out 'ere," he said, getting up.
"Yeah, I'm fine," I said with a yawn.
"Le' me a' least get ya some blankets," he said, heading back to his room.
"No really, you.....don't have to," I finished.
George reemerged momentarily with an armful of blankets. Despite my protests, he proceeded to pile them up on me and the couch. That finished, he lifted them up and sat down next to me.
"You took all the blankets offa your bed didn't you?" I asked him.
"Um, well...yeah, I did. I hope ya don' mind company! I jus' didn't want ya to get cold, and I'm certainly no' gonna share beds with any o' them," he said, indicating the other guys.
I blused and smiled, "No, I don't mind, but you really didn't have to do this."
"I did. Me mum woulda neva forgave me if I didn't make sure you was warm enough," he said, yawning.
Shifting a bit so that George would have more room, I ended up leaning against him, with his arm around me. I sighed, "G'night Geo," exhausted by my day, and quickly fell asleep.
George smiled, "G'night luv," and switched off the telly. Soon, he too, fell asleep.
And so ended my first day with the Beatles.