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Tomorrow Never Knows-Chapter 2


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30 November, 2001
Feelin' Blue

Time to "Meet the Beatles"

Soon we arrived at the hotel where Paul and the rest of the guys are staying. Being the gentleman that he is, Paul opened and held the door for me. By this point, I had really worked myself into quite a nervous state, and probably looked like I was either going to throw up, pass out, or a combination of both. Paul must have realized how nervous I was, because he turned, smiled, and said,"Relax luv. They're not gonna bite ya, 'cuz if they try, I'll beat 'em bloody!"
I laugh and reply, "Right, you're gonna beat up 3 guys all by yourself?"
"Of course not luv! I expect you to help me!"
"Sure, so long's I'm allowed to fight dirty. Ya know, to make it fair an' all."
"Right, of course. But really, they're jus' normal guys, with faults like ever'body else."
"Yeah, I know, but try convincin' my stomach of that!"
"It'll be ok. I'll be there with ya, so don't worry."
"All I can say is that I'll try. I can't promise anthing more."
"Well, that's more than a lot of other people will do. Like I said, jus' relax."
"Right. Relax. Sure." I mutter to no one in particular. Througout this little discussion, we had been walking closer and closer to the only room with lights on: the common room. I think Paul may have been trying to distract me, but quite frankly, I don't really care if he was. Well, we're finally there, and I decide to kind of lag behind Paul a bit, to give myself a moment to regain my composure. Paul continues in, and I hear him talking with John, Ringo and George. I figure I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be, and go in.


"Ok lads, here she comes. Do you think you all can manage to behave yerselves?"
Looking rather indignant, John says, "Of course Paulie! How can you think so low o' us?"
"Right John, I wonder. A lot."
George smirks, saying, "I think I at least can manage that, although I don' know 'bout John 'ere."
"What??!! I'll get ya fer that Harrison!"
Ringo looked up and stated, "Uh, guys? Can you save that for later?"
He was the only one who happened to notice that I had finally come in. I found myself looking straight into his very blue eyes, and quickly dropped my gaze to the floor. Paul walked over, put his arm around my shoulders, and directed me towards where the guys were sitting.
"John, George, Ringo, this is Skylar. Skylar, I believe you know who they are."
"Um, yeah."
"'ello, nice meetin' ya. An unusual name ya 'ave. It yer birth name? Anyroad, so Paulie 'ere says yer a musician and an artist," John says.
"Eh, nah, it's not me birth name. I got sick o' ever' other girl havin' the same bloody name, so I decided to find a name o' my own. To answer yer other question, I've been playing alto sax for about eight years, and I just took up bass. As to being an artist, well, that depends on your definition of artist."
"Ah, don't believe that John. She 'ighly underestimates 'erself," adds Paul.
"Well, I know how that can be. It's a very 'ard 'abit to kill."
This from Ringo, who I noticed had been looking at me the entire time. I finally managed to look up at him again, and smiled a little bit. John and Paul just looked at us, then each other, and started laughing uncontrolablly. George rolled his eyes, and said, "Don't mind them, they've always been crazy. Occasionally they manage to conceal it. Obviously today was one of those days fer Paul. Don't worry, they're mostly 'armless, eh Ring?"
"Yeah, 'armless. Although I should warn ya 'bout George 'ere. Sometimes 'e jus' rambles on 'bout nothin'. Feel free to ignore 'im."
"Oh, so are you tryin' to say that yer the only normal one 'ere then?" John says.
"Somethin' like that."
The other three look completely flabbergasted, and then burst out laughing at the idea of Ringo being the normal one. Ringo looks at me, shrugs, and smiling, says, "Wha' did I tell ya? They're completely daft."
Smiling back and laughing a bit, I reply, "Right. Sure you aren't all mad?"
Without missing a beat, he comes back with, "Completely. At least in my case anyways!"
Deciding I could survive this, I walk over to where Ringo is sitting, and sit down next to him after setting my bag and case near the door. Ringo looks rather surprised that I should choose to sit next to him, but grins none the less. During this time, John, Paul and George had finally regained control of themselves, and were also looking rather surprised at my choice of seating. Paul was the least surprised, as he had thought I would most likely hit it off quite well with Ringo, seeing as he really was the most normal of the group in his own way. Turning to look at the rest of us, he says, "Well, now that we've all been aquainted, 'ow about gettin' somethin' to eat?"
At this, John says, "Gear. I'm famished!"
George pipes in, "Yeah, me too. What' 'bout you Ring?"
"Hmm?? Yeah, me too," Ringo replies distractedly, still trying to gather his scattered wits. Laughing softly, Paul says, "Right, so that's settled. Let's be off."
And with that, he got up, along with John and George, who were already putting on their coats. Finally seeming to wake up, Ringo got up, and offered his hand to me, which I took with a smile. Paul, who had stayed behind and watched this little exchange, said offhandly to me,"So you've got yer eye set on Ring, eh?"
Blushing, I nodded a little, and said quietly, "Uh, yeah I guess. He's always been my favourite, not to say I don't love the rest of you."
Smiling, he simply says, "I know. Just be careful, I don' want to see ya 'urt."
"But you hardly know me!"
"That doesn't matter luv. Somehow I feel a connection between us. An' don't get discouraged, Ring's just shy. A lot like you actually, in many ways."
And with that, he went out the door to catch up with John and George, who were waiting in the car. I quickly grabbed my coat out of my bag, and was about to put it on when I felt someone take it out of my hands and help me put it on. I turn around to see Ringo smiling shyly, with his head hung a bit. Feeling bold (which is rare for me, except for with my best friend Miah), I grab Ringo's hand and lead him out the door, after checking to make sure it was locked. Still holding hands, we catch up with the rest of the guys at the car, get in, and head out for the restaurant.