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Tomorrow Never Knows-Chapter 3


Tomorrow Never Knows
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30 November, 2001
Feelin' Blue

Getting To Know You

Shortly thereafter, we arrive at the restaurant, and we all climb out of the car. The Beatles had no problem getting us a private table in a secluded corner, although I got some strange, and not necessarily nice looks. Noticing my nervousness, and understanding how I felt, Ringo put an arm around my waist, as if to say It's alright. Don't pay any attention to them. Amazingly enough, this did make me feel a little bit better, and I smiled up at Ringo in thanks as we were led to our table. Ringo sat to my left, with George to his. John sat to my right, with Paul next to him. Laughing softly to myself as I though of the possible problems that could come of this seating arrangement, I was interrupted by the questioning look on John's face. I leaned over and said, "Look at the way we're all sitting. Paul, Ringo and I are lefties. That's bound to cause a few problems."
John laughed and said, "That is may luv, but I'm not giving up me spot, and it sure as hell doesn't look like Ringo is either!"
"Huh. I guess you're right. We'll just have to deal, right?" I laughed.
"Of course luv! Paul already got to be with ya, now it's mine an' Ringo's turns!"
"Righ. Uh huh. Sure John. Am I just some prize to be passed around?"
Sensing some of the bitterness in my voice when I said this, John replied, "No, of course not. I didn't mean it that way at all."
Feeling badly for having made me feel thus, John leaned over and have me a hug. I smiled and gladly returned it, still not quite believing where I was, and who I was with.
Just then, the waitress arrived to take our orders, while giving me a dirty look that made me want to crawl under the table and hide. To the surprise of the guys, I ordered my usual tea to go with my supper. Our food ordered, we relaxed and waited for it to arrive.


Once our food arrived, with more dirty looks in my direction, we set about stuffing ourselves. Throughout this, many jokes wre thrown about, a few going over my head, as sometimes it seemed almost as if the guys spoke a different language. I realized this is probably how my friends and I sound to outsiders. I thanked God for my quick wit and good intuition, which allowed me to keep up with the banter of John, Paul, George and Ringo. After a while, they guys started thowing some somewhat personal questions in my direction, particularly John.
"Hey luv, 'ow old are you anyways?"
"Well, I turned 17 back in February."
Looking kind of surprised, he said, "No way! Are you serious?"
Laughing, I replied, "Quite. Although a lot of the time I feel much older than I am."
Thinking, John added, "Hmm, I can see why. You seem much older than you are. And I mean that in a good way...I mean, you just seem to have this aura about you that's, I don't know, very mature I guess."
"Yeah. People have always though me to be very mature for my age. Precoutious I guess."
John nodded. "Yeah. So you have, what, one year left of school?"
"Mmm hmm. Although technically I have enough credits that I could have graduated this year."
"Really? 'ow'd you manage that?"
Blushing slightly, I answered, "Well, I'm a year advanced in math and science. If I had taken double gym, PIG, and Economics, then I'd have been able to get out of the Hell Hole a year early."
"Wow. So you're a genius too? By the way, what's PIG?"
"Haha, I wish! Anyways, PIG is short for 'participation in government'. Eyuck. I'd rather have nothin' to do with the circus that is the government."
Laughing, John replied, "Heh. So I take it you're rather disillusioned of the government then?"
Making a face, I said, "Yeah. Somewhat like that."
George, who had switched seats with Paul, and had been listening to the exchange between John and myself, put in, "You seem rather cynical for one your age."
Looking in his direction I nod, "Yeah, I guess you could say that."
Smiling and lauging a bit, George said, "Heh. Nuthin' wrongwith that luv. Actually, you kinda remind me of John when I first met 'im."
John laughed, "Who? Lit'le ol' innocent me?"
Snorting, George answered, "Yeah you. And yer 'ardly innocent."
"'ow rude. I though you was me mate. Guess I was mistaken, eh Sky?"
Holding up my hands, I said, "I ain't gettin' into this."
"Ah, phooey. Nobody ever believes me."
"Aww, poor widdle Johnny. Been caught in the act, an' now 'e's cryin'," I say while patting John on the shoulder. At this, George couldn't control himself, and was soon incohearant with laughter. John and I soon joined in, gaining funny looks from Paul and Ringo. Leaning over, Ringo laid his hand on my shoulder, and asked me, "Are you alright luv?"
Wiping my eyes, I answered, "Quite. John and I were just having an intellectual discussion when George here joined in, and it just went downhill from there!"
"Hey! I didn't do nuthin' wrong!"
"No, but you didn't do anythin' right either!"
"Hmph. Nobody ever seems to appreciate me!"
"Aw, poor Georgey-weorgey can't take a widdle joke," I say in a condescending voice. This got everyone laughing. Calming himself back down, Paul said, "See? What did I tell you Skylar? You get on right nicely with all of us!"
Still laughing a bit, I reply, "Yeah. Only 'cuz I'm just as mad as all o' ya's!"
"Hey, whoever said we were crazy?" This from John.
"True. As I always say, 'normalcy is highly over-rated."
"And ain't that the truth, luv!" John crows.
"Uh John, I think you're scaring the other people here," I say while pulling John back down into his seat.
"Aw luv, where'd you ever get such an idear?"
"Oh, only from the funny looks people are giving you," I said, pointing out what seem to me, to be the obvious.
"Ah, they just don' appreciate a good sense of humour," John said while continuing to make a fool of himself.
"Uh huh, sure John, you jus' keep tellin' yerself that, an' you'll be fine," I replied.
"What? How rude. Anyroad, let's blow this joint. I'm up for some dancing, what about the rest of ya's?" John questioned while standing back up.
"I'm game," was Paul's answer.
"Yeah, me too," from George.
"Gear. I'm always up for dancin'. How 'bout you luv?" Ringo asked.
"Sounds fab to me. I love dancing!" I said.
"Great. Now that that's settled, let's go," John said, and headed towards the exit.
The rest of us stood up, grabbed out jackets, and followed John out to the car. Once everyone was settled in, we headed for a nearby dance club.