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Feelin' Blue


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30 November, 2001
Feelin' Blue

Here's another one of my songs/poems!

I look into your eyes,
And there I see your heart is crying.
I reach out a hand to help you,
But you keep pushing me away,
Saying that you're really quite okay.

But I know that isn't true
I know you're hurting deep inside
Tell me what's the problem
Let me help you heal
I hate to see you suffering a pain so real.

You tell me not to hide my feelings
What then are you doing?
Listen to your own advice
Let a friend help you
When you're feelin' blue.

I'm here for you, y'know
That's what friends are for
So please tell me your strife
Let me know what's wrong
Divided we're weak, but together we're strong.

So please trust in me
I promise not to let you down
If he's hurt you, tell me now
You deserve far better than that
A beautiful caring soul should not be discarded like an old hat.

The pain won't last forever
At least I hope that's true
I know pain and depression far too well
Please let me help you
When I know you're feelin' blue.

14 January, 2002
Skylar Fitzpatrick

This is dedicated and written for one of my good friends. You know who you are if you ever visit here!