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Tomorrow Never Knows-Chapter 5


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30 November, 2001
Feelin' Blue

"She Was Just Seventeen"

I awoke still leaning against George, and was momentarily disoriented. I was only 17 after all, and had never spent the night wrapped in a guy's arms. Sighing, I relaxed back into George's arms and smiled contentedly.
After a few minutes, I remembered why I had woken up in the first place. I had to piss something fierce, and carefully extracting myself from George's arms, I immediately headed for the nearest bathroom.
Cor, I said, thinking to myself, why do I always wait 'til the last minute? An' 'ow the 'ell did I end up on the couch with George? Blah, I hate mornings, I can never think clearly. I think I'll get a glass of water, an' then try to go back to sleep. Maybe after some more sleep this will make more sense.
I finished releaving myself, and headed to the kitchen for a glass of water. Thankfully, nobody was up, because I really didn't feel like talking at the moment. Quickly downing my water, I headed back into the common room. I tried to get back on the couch without disturbing George, but he stirred, and quietly murmured,"'mornin' luv," and opened his arms to invite me back in.
I gratefully obliged George, and snuggled back under the covers with him. After being out from under them, they felt heavenly. George had been right of course, it got downright cold in there. I was glad he'd convinced me to share the couch and blankets with him; otherwise, one of the guys woulda had company in the middle of the night, as I hate being cold.
It was then that I realized that now would be the perfect time to tell George my entire story. Shifting a bit, I gently shook George awake.
"Geo? There's something I need to talk to you about."
Yawning, he asked, "Wot's tha' luv?"
"I don't know what Paul told you, but there's more to my story than meets the eye. Something I haven't told anyone."
Confused, George frowned, "Wha' do y'mean Sky? Didja lie 'bout somethin'?"
"No, nothin' like that. I told the truth...just not all of it."
"Hmm? You can trust me Sky. If you don't want me to tell the rest of the guys, I won't."
"I know George. It's just that this is rather difficult for me."
"I understand. Whenever yer ready, I'll be here," he said, giving me a hug.
I returned his hug with a small smile, and said, "I know, and I'm grateful for taht. Well, I guess the best place to start is the beginning, eh?"
"That it is! Go on luv, I'm listening."
"Ta mucho. Anyroad, I was born on February 16th in Hornell, New York..."
"Hey! That's pretty close to by birthday!"
"Yeah, but the thing is, I was born in 1984. Technically, I don't exist in this time."
"What?! How?!"
"Here," I said, taking off my class ring and handing it to George. "Look at this. It has my graduation year on it."
"Cor! Yer right!, how'd you end up here..and now?"
"That's what I don't know. I was just sittin' in the park workin' with me bass, an' it was my time. All of a sudden, it was hours later, and Paul found me. So I have no clue how I got here, nor how to get back. Not that I really want to."
"Wow, this is insane Skylar," George said, still awestruck, and holding my ring. Slowly, he handed it back to me, and I put it back on.
Suddenly, I got up and headed over to my bag. George watched me intently as I searched my bag for my wallet. Finding it, I headed back over to the couch and George. Quietly, I opened my wallet, and took out my driver's license. I leaned over to show George my birthdate. But as we were looking at it, the face of the card changed. The year went from 1984 to 1944 (thusly making me now 22), and the picture changed. I also felt a slight change within myself, as if I could actually feel myself aging, along with gaining new memories. George looked from the card to me and back in utter shock.
" yer only a year younger than me. I know I sawr that card change," George said, looking rather pale.
"I...I know. I don't know how, or why, but I'm completely confused, and I don't feel so well," I replied, paling and feeling rather dizzy.
George looked at me in concern, and caught me as I slumped back, my eyes rolling back in my head. He realized that this was just as shocking if not more so, experience for me, as it was for him. Carefully, he repositioned himself and me, so that both of us would be more comfortable. He winced slightly as his face brushed the couch. Damn you John. Jeez, I'm so bloody confused, but I'm kinda glad it was me, an' no' one o' the other fellas Sky told. I don' think they woulda handled it very well. An' I think I'll keep this just between meself an' Sky, unless she tells me otherwise. Well, I think I'm gonna try sleeping. Maybe this'll make more sense when I wake up George thought to himself. He quickly feel asleep, and so we remained until Paul and Ringo came out in search of food


Paul was at first shocked when he came out into the living room, and saw George and I on the couch together. Then, thinking, he realized that it was rather logical; there weren't enough blankets for a whole other bed, it got rather cold in their suite because of the air conditioning, and by sleeping on the couch, George and I killed any suspicions the guys might have. Not to mention the fact that we were both fully clothed.
Paul smiled to himself as he continued into the kitchen. He was glad that I had fit in with the group so well, and hoped to convince me to sing and play with them a bit, even if it was just in the hotel; or one of their houses if he could convince me to come back with them. By the way I spoke, he had a feeling that I'd have a pretty good voice. The only problem was convincing me.


Ringo was completely shocked and devastated when he saw George and I together on the couch. He had thought I was interested in him, especially by the way I acted towards him. He then remembered George and I dancing together last night, and how I had joked around with him. Covering his frown, he headed for the kitchen, thinking, it's just as well. Skylar's too good for me, not to mention way younger.


George woke up when he heard Paul and Ringo moving around the kitchen. Carefully, he got up, laying me down on the couch. Hungry and thirsty, he too headed towards the kitchen.
"'ey fellas, wot's cookin'?" George asked.
"Wha'eva' ya can find Geo," Paul said with a smile.
Ringo looked up from his bowl of cereal and nodded in George's direction. He really didn't feel much like talking.
"'Mornin' Ritchie," George said.
"Geo," was Ringo's reply.
George got teh feeling that Ringo was a bit miffed at him. Hmm, I wonder if it's 'cause I ended up on the couch with Skylar. OH SHIT!! I bet that's what it is! The way he was acting last night...oh man, I'm in trouble. And now Skyl and I have that secret between us about her. He's never gonna believe that it's not what he thinks!
Just then, I decided to make my appearance, sleepily rubbing my eyes, and still looking rather pale. Paul immediately noticed this.
"Are you alright luv? You look really pale," Paul said concernedly.
"Hmm? Yeah, I'm fine. Just tired," I assured him, sitting down at the table next to Ringo.
"'Mornin' Ring, sleep alright?" I inquired with a yawn.
"'Mornin' Sky. Yeah, slept like a babe," Ringo answered, smiling at my half consciousness. It reminded him of John when he first wakes up.
"Well, you are y'know," I said smiling.
"What?" Ringo asked, confused.
"A babe silly! yer a babe, just like these other fellas, although they're not as sexy as you," I said, completely straightfaced.
At this point, all of them were laughing, and George was silently thanking me for my intuition and quick thinking. I had certainly cheered Ringo up, and George felt he could now breathe free.
Looking at Paul and Ringo, George inquired,"So, what's up for today?"
"Hmm, I think some publicity shots, an interview, the usual meet'n' greet deal," Paul answered.
"John's favourite things to do! Proly why he hasn't come out yet. 'opin' tha' 'e can avoid it,' Ringo said.
"Yeah, I bet John just loves all that shit...about as much as he would havin' a tooth pulled!" I said.
"Just about! But truthfully, none of us really like it. 'Cept for Paul maybe! It's really all about the music for us. It's just somehow gone crazy," George said.
"Yeah, crazy is definitely the word I'd use. But your music is great, I absolutely love it! I only wish I had that kind of talent!" I responded.
"Hey! Enough of that Skylar! 'Ow many times do I hafta tell you that yer incredibly talented before you believe me? I'm just gonna 'ave to get ya into the studio with us!" Paul said.
"Not bloody likely! Me, in the studio with you guys? Not hardly!"
"Aw, c'mon luv, we'd really like to 'ear ya! From the way Paulie 'ere talks, you'd think you're the next Beethoven and Elvis all in one small female body!" said Ringo.
"Ri-ight Ringo," I laughed. "I do believe Paul is slightly dillusional."
"I'll second that! Paulie's most certainly daft!" came from John, who was standing in the kitchen doorway.
"Ah ha! So sleeping Beatle finally awakes, eh?" I jibe.
"Quiet you! Yer s'posed to be on my side anyway!"
Laughing, I said, "I'm on whichever side works to my best advantage!"
"Well, that's 'ardly fair luv," said George.
"Oh well, I never claimed to be fair or perfect."
"Hmph, I agree with Geo, yer not fair. I think we need to punish you for your crimes," John said.
"Oh, and what crimes would those be?" I asked.
"Why, for failing to worship the ground we walk upon! Yer certainly not a very good little cult follower. You question and think for yourself too much. Against the law, don't ya know," answered John, while trying not to laugh.
"That all? Doesn't sound too terrible to me. So I have no fear of punishment."
"Ya sure luv? John can come up with some pretty weird punishments," said Paul.
"Oh really? Well ain't that just quaint."
By now, most of us were laughing uncontrollably and barely managed to speak cohearantly. Finally, John said, "Yeah, like 'ow 'bout us makin' ya come to our photo shoot and the like?"
"Well, that's not so bad. Terribly boring, but it can't be any worse than some of the other shit I've had to sit thru."
"I didn't mean for you to sit an' watch. I meant for you to participate."
"Oh no no, I don't think so! I highly doubt anyone wants pictures of me. It'd just be a waste of time and film. You guys are the ones people want pictures of."
"That's not so, we want pictures of you. Don't we boys?"
"That's right. We want pictures of ya Sky," Ringo said.
"Absolutely. You have pics of us, now we want some of you!" answered George.
"Definitely. Skylar, ya need to stop doubtin' yerself so much luv," added Paul.
"Aw crud, there's no winning this is there?" I said sadly.
"Nope! Yer outnumbered four to one luv!" John answered.
"That's rather waht I feared. I don't think the punishment hardly matches the crime though. I s'pose I oughta go get as ready as possible," I said, walking back into the common room to get my bag.
Now I was extremely glad for my putting extra clothes in there. Much as I hated it, I knew I was going to have to ask the guys for money to buy clothes. I couldn't hardly live in two outfits and George's pj's. Ah well, I'll have to talk to them about it later. Right now, I need to worry about making myself halfway presentable, I thought as I headed for the bathroom adjacent to John and George's room. Well, here goes nothing. I hope they're not too terribly disappointed by my appearance. I've always been more of a hippie than a mod. No minis for me! Hmm, I guess I'll braid part of me hair back, I thought while getting ready. Hoping that my hair would curl evenly for once, I headed out to face the boys and their horrid cameras.